Season One

What is Outside the Fame?

Outside the Fame is a half-hour TV series hosted by long time New England sportscaster and reporter Jayme Parker which features current or former well-known New England athletes. The show profiles the lives of these New England athletes outside their sports fame to give you inside access that you would otherwise not get to see of the new ventures these athletes have taken on!

Season one of the series has profiled:
Drew Bledsoe
Ray Bourque
Bill Lee
Ty Law
Jake Peavy
Shawn Thornton
Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie

It doesn’t stop there. There is a waiting list of many more interested athletes to be aired in future seasons.

Check out the athlete stories below featured in Season One!

Jayme Parker joins Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Ty Law as he shows off his business skills with his very successful company LAUNCH. LAUNCH is much more than a trampoline park, it has gladiator tests, ninja warriors, virtual reality, laser tag and great make your own pizzas! It turns out Ty owns over 30 Launch Trampoline Parks with his partner Rob Arnold.

Jayme Parker heads to visit Cy Young winner and 2 time World Series Champion Jake Peavy hometown of Mobile, Alabama. Jake shows Jayme around his beautiful Southern Falls Ranch in Catherine, AL where his love of music and baseball are intertwined everywhere. In this episode, they talk about his time with the Red Sox and he even teaches Jayme a few chords on the guitar!

Jayme Parker joins 2 time Stanley Cup Champion Shawn Thornton where they talk hockey fights, family and his life in the business world with the Florida Panthers. In this episode he shows off his post-retirement jiu jitsu skills!

Jayme Parker joins Drew Bledsoe at his 4 vineyards including Doubleback winery in Walla Walla, Washington. Wait until you see how well versed #11 is about wine! In this episode Drew talks about his relationships with Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and his days with the Patriots…. and even gets into family talk and his love for wine-making!

Jayme Parker joins Hall of Fame hockey legend Ray Bourque at his north end restaurant Tresca, at the wellness spa Maison Esthetique that his family owns and operates and even makes it on the ice at his namesake arena at Endicott College! You will also hear how the Legend started a family foundation to support local charities.

Jayme Parker joins former MBL pitcher Bill Lee in upstate Vermont, as the “Spaceman” cuts down trees to show the fine art of turning it into a baseball bat. On his 14 acre beautiful lot in Craftsbury, VT, Lee shares his knowledge of baseball, wood types and his family life.

Jayme Parker travels to Twin River in Lincoln, RI to join pro-football players Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie as they show off their restaurant Fred & Steve’s Steakhouse at Twin River Casino. As they light up some cigars at Blackstone Cigar Bar, you will hear about playing football at Boston College and in the Pros, including a couple of years with the Patriots along with their knowledge on the Boston Sports media scene.

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Raymond Bourque episode
Bill Lee episode
Ty Law episode
Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie episode
Shawn Thornton episode
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