Jayme Parker

About the Host and Creator

Jayme Parker, the host and creator of Outside the Fame is a longtime New England sportscaster and reporter. She spent over 19 years at NESN covering every major Boston sports team that has won a championship. Currently she is employed by Fox and still covers Boston College football and basketball with behind the scenes features. She also believes in giving back, and has put together an annual celebrity golf tournament to benefit many causes.

Moody Street TV Productions

About the Production company

Moody Street TV Productions has a fully staffed-in-house HD production facility that can support production resources including cinematography, graphics/animation, audio production, post-production editing, mastering and distribution. Their production team is experienced supervising, coordinating and managing recognized talent and their team has a strong reputation working with high profile celebrities in the sports, entertainment and political world. Moody Street TV has a successful track record of creating branded entertainment and sponsorship driven content to enhance company brands.